Our Services

We provide the following services, that is broken down into 3 parts:

Before onboarding

About the maids

  • Screening (either on our own or via agent) and interviewing
  • Hand-picking the quality maids.
  • We ensure that the maids receive intensive training course and workshop. Either in Indonesia or in Malaysia.
  • We conduct general orientation to maids for employment in Malaysia.
  • We do arrangement of medical check up
  • Pickup arriving maids at the airport
  • Provides biodata of the maids


About the paperworks

  • We do online application for with Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia
  • We do embassy endorsement, for documents and home leaves processing


During onboarding

  • Door to door service for clients
  • In house orientation with employer for new maids


After onboarding

  • We do support you for any problem arises
  • We check out memo application for departing maids
  • Assistance in making insurance claims (if any)
  • Passport renewal for current maids
  • Work permit renewal for current maid